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Mother's Day 2010 Muffins for Moms Mother's Day 2010 Donuts for Dads Youth Camp 2010
Youth Camp
Vacation Bible School 2010
Vacation Bible School
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2011 Water Baptisms Passover Seder 
Foodboxes 2011 Foodboxes Distributed
Youth Camp 
Children’s Program 04/24 Youth House Update 04/08

Muffins for Moms Donuts for Dads 
Vacation Bible School 
2012 Passover Seder 
Water Baptisms Family Day 04/22 Muffins for Moms 
Donuts for Dads 
Youth Camp
Vacation Bible School Family Day 10/28 2013 Youth Camp
Passover Seder 
Muffins for Moms 
Donuts for Dads 
VBS 2013
VBS 2013 (more) 
Water Baptisms